Don't forget your POST SEASON Lineups !!!

      Congratulations 2019 SA Fantasy League Winner !!!
                        Elizabeth Town 

Post Season Final Standings

1              Super Slueth      236
2              Long Shots          218
3              Omegas               217
4              Hurricanes          215
5              Concrete Jungle 215
6              Porterhouse      202
7              Elizabeth Town 197
8              Golddiggers        175
9              Bombers              163
10           Vato Locos          160

Super Bowl  FINAL

Long Shots (47 pts)
Golddiggers (45 pts)
Concrete Jungle (43 pts)
Super Slueth (41 pts)
Porterhouse (36 pts)
Vatos Locos (36 pts)
Hundred Yard Bombers (34 pts)
Hurricanes (33 pts)
Elizabeth Town (32 pts)
Omegas (22 pts)


Anytime a change has been posted it is then OFFICIAL & FINAL. 
You CANNOT decide at a later time ...OOPS I change my mind.

If you own a flex-cut player and are required to make the decision as to keep the flex-cut player 
OR to reinstate the Orginal player, the transaction must take place by Friday 12 PM.
NOTE: If flex-cut player is scheduled to play an early game, i.e. a Thursday game, you must release him at least 4 hours prior to the game. If you fail to do so the player in question will automatically be reinstated as a free agent. 
If you fail to make the move then at 12:01 PM (Friday) the flex-cut player will be automatically 
dropped and the Orginal player reinstated.
Changes on gameday MUST be submitted using our website so the change will be time stamped.

DO NOT email a change as there is always a possability that it will not be time stamped in order to verify the change was made in a timely manner. If it is emailed and not time stamped the lineup change will not be permitted. 

 When making any type of post PLEASE click on the correct week and enter the change there. 

Instructions to Post or Change Lineup, etc.
Login above with your username and password.
Click Login
To continue Lineup, Change Lineup, or Use a Cut
(Click Here.)
When on the "Line Up Changes" page, click on the week you want to post a change.
(Example: Week 1)
Click "Post Message" at the bottom of the week page to post your changes
"Mesage Title" Place Team Name (Please Note!)
"Message Text" Place the changes you are making.

\We have a created a Facebook Group. I think we have invited everybody. If you did not recieve an invitiation please let me know. This is a closed group facebook page.

Football and Trash talk ONLY please.

 Lineup Submission
ALL changes to your lineup or the use of a cut must be made using the top menu bar...Other Links > Login

Cuts will be based on "First come First served" using the TIME STAMPED system.
In the unlikely event two or more teams exercise a cut at the EXACT same time the team that is in the lowest standings YTD will be awarded the player.

All lineups or changes in a lineup must be submitted before the early Sunday games begin. ONLY the players you want in the early week games must be submitted before the (early) games start. All submissions will be time stamped. If time stamp reflects the game started before submission, the player being replaced will be the active player for that week. (The change will NOT be allowed).

You MUST submit a player to be eligable to play. Example if  you have a starter you want to play in an early game and you forget to submit him he WILL NOT be allowed as a starter that week. This applies even if you have played him EVERY WEEK of the season. You are required to submit a full lineup each and every week. The purpose of this rule is to prevent a situation where if the player does bad an owner can't say "I didn't submit him because I didn't want to play him" BUT if the player does well the owner will not be able to say  "I always play him."   
New NFL IR Rule
The new NFL IR rule potentially allows a player placed on IR to play again. If a team owner places a player on IR and he
returns you DO NOT have ownership of that player. You must obtain him using a cut, flex cut, or by way of trade. 


The "Bottom" Leader
When you finish on the Bottom!

2018 Trophy Awared!
2019 Draft Night