Rule number 1)  Golddiggers can do what they want!
    Franchise Fee
  • Entry fee - $25.00
    Refundable Deposit - $50.00
    The Fifty Dollar ($50.00) deposit will be refunded at the League party at the end of the season providing the team in question has played the complete season. If a team fails to play the entire season the Fifty Dollar ($50.00) deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED but will be put into the pot to be divided as provided by the rules. The $50.00 dollar deposit will not be used to pay fines, fines will not be allowed to be deducted from the deposit.

Franchise owners will meet at 5:00PM on Labor Day  after the last pre-season game of the National Football League (NFL) and draft players to fill the following positions:

Quarterbacks............2 Kickers................2
Running Backs.........4 Defensive Teams..2

These players may be from any teams in the NFL, it is not necessary to draft from one NFL team only. Each NFL player may be drafted by only one franchise. Each franchise will consist of the
same number of players at each position. The player positions, ie: QB, RB, Rec., etc., may be drafted in any order the franchise owner chooses.

A weekly lineup shall be submitted consisting of the following eight positions:

Quarterback................1 Kicker....................1
Running backs............2 Defensive Team......1

Lineup changes may be posted up until game time. First game on Thursday/Saturday and Sunday 12pm. Any changes that is not reflected by the time stamp WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
If lineups are not submitted on time, the teams lineup will be calculated based upon the LOWEST SCORES per player per position. Example: If you own Tony Romo & Tom Brady and Romo scores 30 points & Brady scores 12 points you will get credit fot Brady's 12 points. No lineup changes will be permitted after the deadline.
It is the responsibility of each TEAM OWNER to verify the correct lineup has been posted for the week. Should there be an error in the lineup and the OWNER does not contact the commissioner the lineup posted will be used. The owner must make the correction the day the lineup is distributed.

Based on the player statistics on the site. Weekly franchise total score (WFTS) and the weekly league average score (WLAS) will be computed. Any franchise that has a lower WFTS than the WLAS will pay to the Commissioner fifty cents ($.50) for each point below average, which will be added to the prize fund. Any team may verify their results with the Commissioner before 12:00PM on Wednesday.
After 12:00PM Wednesday the results and fines will be considered official, any corrections detected after this time will effect the YTD scoring results only.

The franchise having the highest weekly score will be paid ten dollars ($10.00) by the Commissioner.
Beginning with week #12 if a team is in 6th to 10th place, going into that week, and wins for the week that team shall win twenty Dollars ($20.00) for the week.

All money will be considered to be due immediately. All debts must be paid before new lineup sheets will be accepted from owners. If a team owner wishes to set up an account, you may do so by contacting the Commissioner for details.

Any trades made between team owners may not be reversed until AFTER the fourth week the trade has been made. A team cannot obtain a player it has traded within four weeks even if a three way trade is made. A player who has been traded can be picked up with the use of a cut if he has been cut.
Trades will not be official until ALL teams involved confirm trades by posting trades on website. After trades have been confirmed trades are then considered final. NO player trades shall be made in the last SIX (6) weeks of the season.

If you own a player who plays Offense and Defense (ie Deion Sanders) should he make a touchdown while playing defense, interception, fumble recovery, etc. ONLY the team who owns the Defense shall get the points

The regular league season will not include the playoffs or Super Bowl. Ten percent (10%) of the prize fund will be set aside for post season play.

                                                         POST SEASON

Each franchise owner will submit a roster before kickoff consisting of 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 Rec., 1 Kicker and 1 Defense. All lineups are locked in once the first games begins, even if you do not have a player playing in the first game, and can not be changed.

Super Bowl week lineup will consist of 1QB, 1RB, 1Rec, 1Kicker and 1 Defense.

All roster are void, the same player may be chosen by more than one team.

    Tie Breakers
  • Should there be a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place or Post season the following method shall be used to determine the winner. First tie breaker will be determined by which team has won the most 1st place’s during the season. If the tie is during Post Season the first tie breaker shall be the team has won the most 1st place’s during the Post Season. Should there still be a tie, second tie breaker will be which team had the highest single weekly score.

    The 10% party funds will be divided among the teams who participate in the party. Any team who fails to participate in full, including the Regular season and Post Season will not be eligible to be included in this fund.

    If a team drops out of the League, the commissioner will attempt to find a new team owner. If unable to locate a new owner there will be a “Supplemental Draft”. The players owned by the abandoned Team Owner’(s) will be placed into a pool and the Supplemental Draft will take place as follows. At the end of the 12th week the draft will be held in the reverse order of the standings. Each team will be allowed to drop one (1) player and draft a player in his
    place without being charged a cut. A balanced roster must be maintained. If a Team is three hundred (300) or more points, 299 or less does not qualify, behind the first place team that team or teams will be allowed an addition pick without the use of a cut as long as there are players remaining in the pool. ONLY PLAYERS IN THE POOL (abandoned team) will be allowed to be picked up in this draft.

1) Kickoff and punt returns for TD's will count for offensive touchdown points but not for yardage.

2) Blocked punts or field goals returned for TD's count for defensive points.

3) Bonus points are awarded only to the player who actually scored the TD's.

4) Fumble recovery and score by an offensive player will count Five (5) points for TD. Yardage will not count in total yards.

5) Running Back, Receiver, or Kicker passing for touchdown will receive TD points not yardage.



draft. An example for this would be:
TEAM A drafts Thurman Thomas, someone knows and then tell that
Thurman Thomas broke a finger and will be out for 4 weeks.
TEAM A changes their pick to Emmitt Smith
If TEAM B's next pick was going to be Emmitt Smith this would be
unfair to TEAM B.

3) First draft pick takes place at 5:00 pm.
If a team owner or an appointed representative is not present and an alternate owner is present,
the alternate team takes the place of the original team.

4) If there is no alternate team and a team owner arrives late any draft picks missed up to that
point shall be made up at the end of the draft.

5) Players shall be drafted by NAME, TEAM & POSITION. If a TEAM OWNER drafts a player by NAME and wrong TEAM, as long as there is NOT another player by that name and playing the same position the team owner may retain said player. If there are two or more players by the same name and playing the same position another TEAM OWNER may draft the player using the correct NAME, TEAM & POSITION.
The TEAM OWNER who has lost the player shall be allowed to pick up a replacement player without having to use a cut. 

6) When drafting a player who is listed at two primary positions (example RB/REC) TEAM OWNER must declare which roster position the player in question will occupy.

7) No Team owner shall be able to have more than one draft per round, owners may trade up or down in a round but no multiple picks in a round shall be allowed.

8) IMPORTANT.....The time allotted for each round shall be as follows:
1st thru 15th Round............2 minutes

If a team fails to make their pick in the allotted time they will lose their pick in that round but will be allowed to makeup the pick at the end of the draft.

9) If a owner drafts a player who is on IR before our draft the only way to release him will be with a Cut or a Flex-Cut

Changes to the roster may be made in THREE WAYS ONLY:
1) use of a cut or use of a flex cut
2) using the injured reserve rule; or
3) trading with another owner.

Cuts shall be awarded "first come first served"

No trades shall be allowed after the first game on Sunday has started.

During the playoffs if a Team Owner fails to turn in a lineup, the previous weeks lineup will be used regardless of what players are active or inactive. Points will be calculated and fines will be issued as usual.

Due to the new rules concerning concussions, the number of injuries and the number of criminal’s now playing in the NFL I am attempting to make adjustments to enhance our league.

If you have a player that has been replaced using the Flex Cut it is YOUR responsibility to report when the Player has returned to action. If you fail to report it, you will LOSE any and all points your team aquired from the replacement player after he was ineligible. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Flex Cut – Each team will have three (3) flex-cuts in addition to our traditional three (3) cuts per season.
If you own a player who is listed on the official injury report as OUT or Under SUSPENSION, or HOLDING OUT you may pickup a replacement player WITHOUT CUTTING the player you are replacing.
You will be allowed to use the Flex Cut Player as a replacement as long as the player being replaced continues not to play. You may continue to use the FLEX CUT PLAYER until the player you replaced comes back and makes at least one (1) play during a game.
Example: A team owns QB Tom Brady, Brady gets injured, the team owner could use his FLEX-CUT to pick up an unowned QB.  Example... Tony Romo is available, you could pick him up and continue to use him until Tom Brady returns and makes at least one play.
If you have started Tony Romo in your lineup and EVEN if Tom Brady is listed as WILL PLAY and everyone knows he will play, you can still use Tony Romo until Tom Brady plays at least one (1) play.
Although Tom Brady returns and plays you will be allowed to start Tony Romo and you will get all points he generates. If you decide to start the Original Player (Tom Brady) you must drop the Flex-Cut Player (Tony Romo).

When Flex-Cut player is required to be released...he must be released by team owner NO LATER than Friday 12PM. 
IF the Original Player makes a play but gets injured again (in the first game back) you may retain the Flex Player only if he is listed as OUT the following week. If he is listed as ANYTHING, under the NFL injury report, other than OUT you are required to release your Flex Player.
Once the Original Player plays at least one (1) down you then MUST release the Flex Player (for the following week) OR use a cut to retain him. (Or trade, IR etc.) 
If you own a player and he gets injured you may elect to pickup a replacement player BEFORE the injury report is published for the following week. BUT if the player you released is NOT LISTED AS OUT, on the official NFL injury report for the following week you will:
  1. lose the right to the player you picked up (Player will become a Free Agent in our League)
  2. lose your flex-cut
  3. cannot pickup the player you used the flex-cut on until the following week. (New week begins on the following Tuesday)
Example: If you use a flex-cut on player “A” on week #2 but he is not listed as out for week #3 you cannot use a flex-cut on the ineligible player you picked up until week #4.
If you use a flex-cut on player “A” and pickup player “B” then player “B” gets injured you may use another flex-cut to replace player “B”. You will retain the rights to player “A” ONLY.
Situation:   You use a Flex-Cut on a player
               1. You pick-up a player who plays an early game (i.e. Thursday Night)
               2. Later on your ORGINAL player is NOT listed as OUT on the OFFICIAL NFL INJURY REPORT,
                   A) the Team Owner will Lose the Replacement Player 
                   B) will lose any points the Replacement Player earned that week
                   C) will lose his Flex-Cut
                   D) and as stated in the rules above (Player will become a Free Agent in our League) 

The rule will also apply to any player under a suspension levied by the NFL.
Flex-Cuts will be treated as our traditional cuts wherein they may be used in trades.

You may trade a Flex-Cut player BUT remember the player he is attached to is also included in the trade and will be treated the same. You MAY NOT  trade only one player. The orginal player AND the Flex-Cut replacement are considered ONE PLAYER in any transactions.

If a Flex-Cut players gets injured you may replace him using the same rules as the orginal Flex-Cut. You still retain the ORGINAL player in which the Flex-Cut was used. You may NOT drop the ORGINAL player to retain the flex-cut player. You may use a cut to drop the ORGINAL player to retain the orginal flex-cut replacement player.

The ONLY way to drop a Flex-Cut replacement player is the SAME as a player who was drafted. (Trade, Cut, IR, OR using a Flex-Cut on the replacement player.

If you used a Flex-Cut on a player placed on IR you cannot use the IR until the replacement player as be dropped according to the rules in place.  



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