Congradulations to the

Early game Sunday Morning
8:30 AM Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars 

WEEK 3 Thursday Night FINAL

Super Sleuth (21 pts)
Pappas (8 pts)
Concrete Jungle (0 pts)
Elizabeth Town (0 pts)
Golddiggers (0 pts)
Hurricanes (0 pts)
Longshots (0 pts)
Los Sicodelicos (0 pts)
Omegas (0 pts)
Porterhouse (0 pts)

When making any type of post PLEASE click on the correct week and enter the change there.

Instructions to Post or Change Lineup, etc.
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 Lineup Submission
ALL changes to your lineup or the use of a cut must be made using the top menu bar...Other Links > Login

Cuts will be based on "First come First served" using the TIME STAMPED system.
In the unlikely event two or more teams exercise a cut at the EXACT same time the team that is in the lowest standings YTD will be awarded the player.

All lineups or changes in a lineup must be submitted before the early Sunday games begin. ONLY the players you want in the early week games must be submitted before the (early) games start. All submissions will be time stamped. If time stamp reflects the game started before submission, the player being replaced will be the active player for that week. (The change will NOT be allowed).

If you fail to take a player out of your lineup and he plays, he will be your starter that week. EXAMPLE you wanted to bench Arron Rogers you forget to take him out of your lineup, he plays a Thursday night game. He will be counted as the starting QB for that week. 
New NFL IR Rule
The new NFL IR rule potentially allows a player placed on IR to play again. If a team owner places a player on IR and he
returns you DO NOT have ownership of that player. You must obtain him using a cut, flex cut, or by way of trade. 


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Super Bowl 2018